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Rate of Change Forex Trading Strategy

One of the most popular technical trading indicators among more experienced forex traders is the momentum oscillator. Traders can forecast the potential price changes in the market before they occur by using the leading oscillating indicator. One great representation of the momentum oscillator is the rate of change (ROC) indicator that measures the changing speed […]

3 Issues You Can Solve with Moving Average

The moving average is one of the most typical trading indicators. Despite other complex technical indicators existence, moving average occupies a significant portion of forex traders’ hearts. Whether you conduct short or long-term trading, moving averages will suit your technical analysis. It constitutes the most crucial tool for fighting noise trading. Besides, moving average is known to solve […]

Sixth Sense in Human Psychology

When we talk about the sixth sense, we do not mean any spiritual beings around us, nor do we mean any kind of unique supernatural events. Sixth sense only means that somebody can feel anything or sense something about an upcoming event which turns to be true. Many people believe they have a sixth sense […]