Steps to Making Your First Trade in the Forex Trading Business

It is never easy starting a business and seeing it succeed. Success seems instant especially after reading all the positive reviews and listening to what various people in a business have to say about their journey in business. Most of the time, it takes patience to get to the top. One must start from somewhere and learn step by step how a business is done.

As the saying goes, “Success usually comes to those who are too busy looking for it”. This means that if one wants to succeed in anything they start they have to try their very best in doing their tasks. Forex trading is a business like any other.

Despite the forex trading business being made easier in that one can trade from the comfort of their home, online forex trading still needs a forex trader to be smart in how they place their trades.

3 Steps to Making Your First Trade in the Forex Trading Business

There many things that a forex trader should have to start trading forex. This article will highlight three steps to making your first trade in the forex trading business.


Research is a fundamental thing in anything that we want to invest our time and money in. This can be done in various ways. Given that forex trading has been eased through the use of technology, a forex trader or one who wants to join the forex trading business could search on the internet for information about the forex trading business.

The internet has a great wealth of information in that all the questions in one’s mind can get answered. On top of that google searches would give you questions that had not popped up in your mind and you find it necessary to dig deeper on.

Searching for information on the internet is not the only way that one can research what the forex trading business is all about. Research can also be done by engaging oneself in webinars that are held online. These webinars could be accessed mostly from forex trading platforms that have an online presence.

These forex trading platforms could advertise themselves via websites or social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Another way to do research would be joining circles of other like-minded people. These are people in the forex trading business that have traversed the business over some time and learn the tactics.

Last but not least would be making use of forex brokers to help you research the forex trading business. These forex brokers could be poached from forex trading companies that help forex traders open up forex trading accounts and place trades.

Forex brokers are financial institutions or individuals that are licensed and regulated by a country’s authorities to undertake their mandate. They could be of assistance in helping a forex trader know a lot about the forex trading business, how trades are placed, and when is the right time to trade.

Analyzing the forex markets

The forex markets have a great say in the outcomes of a forex trading game. A forex trader needs to analyze the forex markets because they help a forex trader know the strength of the markets and determine whether it is the right time or not to place trades.

It is however key that a forex trader always studies and analyses the forex markets so that they have ample time to change their forex market strategy before placing a trade. A forex trader can analyze the forex markets in two ways – the technical analysis or the fundamental analysis.

Selecting a currency pair

When in the forex trading business, a forex trader ought to trade using two currency pairs. Many currency pairs exist given that the forex trading business is done in the whole world. A forex trader could trade with a foreign currency that they hardly use in their country but at the end of it, all make a profit.

However, for a profit to be made from the forex trading business, a forex trader ought to correctly pair currencies because that is what will lead him or her to getting a profit. If a forex trader chooses the wrong currency pairs, they are bound to losing their money.


A forex trader should be careful in the steps they take when making their first trade in the forex trading business. Other steps that a forex trader could make before placing their first trade is to choose a good forex strategy to use in the business and be in a position to manage risks.