Can we use 100% of our brain capacity?

Can we use 100% of our brain capacity?

This has been one of the most anticipated questions regarding the mystery of human brains. Most of us have known that saying, “we only use 10% of our brain”.  Famous scientists like Albert Einstein have been known to make use only of his brains 15% brain. It is a great mystery, if he could have solved so may problems of the world with such a smaller portion of brain activity, what could happen when he could have used the 100% of his brain power? Well, we do not know the answer to this question. There has not been any human who has been reported to use the full 100% function of his brain. But we can only assume what miracle can happen when humans learn to functions with his brain at its full potential.

What would happen if we use 100% brain capacity

Alter time and events: Many of us believe that, if we could use 100% of our brain power, we could alter the time and events. Time travel will no longer be a myth, we can even alter the events of our life and can predict more accurately and at an unbelievable successfully rate what would happen. Many also believed that time travelers can only travel time because they have discovered the secrets of the brain, they have unlocked the brain power to 100%. They know how to use 100% of their brain activity, giving them the knowledge to alter time and events. But don’t think about it too much since you fall into depression in search of the answers and in the worst case scenario you might have to go for psychotherapy.

It could be dangerous: Imagine a scenario when you are falling from 100 feet high and at the same time you are creating breakthrough formulas in the special theory of relativity. The chances are you will be crashed onto the ground before this idea could reach people. Many people believe that 100% of brain function is not possible. If all of the brain neurons are connected simultaneously, it could be a disaster for us and more functionality of our brain might lead to depression. In worst case scenario we might have to go for the psychotherapy recover from our illness. Before we could even experience the power of the human brain, we will be dead in no time. The human brain does not have the capacity to hold such power.

Process information faster: It is very predictable. If we could make such amazing inventions and thrive for more innovations with only a small part of brain working, 100% unlocking of our brain power will allow us to process information like computers. We could calculate a complex mathematics in our brain. We will no longer any devices to process information. But in real life situation this not possible. We human beings are more prone to depression and often requires psychotherapy to get in fine tune.

Conclusion: 100% unlocking of our brain power can not only make a breakthrough of human civilization, it can also be the end of human history. Humans have great potential and can make anything possible with his brain power. Many of the amazing discoveries were made by normal people who have used only a small part of his brain power. We should not underestimate the power of human brain.