Sixth Sense in Human Psychology

Sixth Sense in Human Psychology

When we talk about the sixth sense, we do not mean any spiritual beings around us, nor do we mean any kind of unique supernatural events. Sixth sense only means that somebody can feel anything or sense something about an upcoming event which turns to be true. Many people believe they have a sixth sense and can say when something bad is going to happen with them or with their loved ones. But in human psychology, it is believed that everybody possesses the gift of Sixth sense. Only true dedication and hard labor can make someone realize the opening of his sixth sense. Others also referred it as a third eye. The third eye means the spiritual eye that gives you the message when anything is going to happen to you.

Let’s see what human psychology says about Sixth Sense

Most humans have it: First of all, human psychology is very complex. It is so complex that that we even suffer from depression and need psychotherapy. It has not also been possible to truly understand the human and human potential. It is believed that most of the people of mankind has the ability to sense something before it’s happening. We simply ignore our guts and follow the grounded path. Activating sixth sense requires practice.

Achieving sixth sense varies from person to person: It is like achieving the ability to see or predict something in advance. Many sages can see what would happen to anybody if they were to follow their current track thousands of years ago. This is an example of sixth sense. We humans also have it. But opening the sixth sense requires training and hard work but this might even lead you in to deep stage of depression which requires regular psychotherapy session for recovery. The old sages could foresee the future because they had years of practice. We also have a sixth sense but it would take us years to make use of it.

It is not a scientific fact: Do not think you are a superhero if you can sense something right. Even the dog can sense the wrongs with the right training. Sixth Sense has not been backgrounded by scientific facts and theories. Many scientists do not believe the existence of Sixth sense as it cannot be measured or seen to assess the Sixth sense. It is better to keep within you this mysterious fact if you really have the ability to sense something since an exposure might bring depression in your life and ultimately you will need regular basis psychotherapy.

Conclusion: We have only understood a small portion of the mysterious human minds. There are many doors left to explores. Just because the sixth sense cannot be verified by science does not mean it does not exist. Maybe in future, humans can have the possibility to measure sixth sense.